Q2, Q3, Q7, Q8: THAT340
Q16: 2N5401
Q17: 2N5551
All other transistors: any decent small signal type with Vce>= 60V
D5, D6 may be part of opto-couplers (LEDs) to signal voltage clipping.
All other diodes: 1N4148
R3, R29: 1W

Short explanation:

D1, D2: input protection.
Q1, Q4: current sources.
R8...R11: bootstraps.
Q2,Q3,Q7,Q8: CFB input stage.
Q1,Q4: cascode
Q5,Q10,Q11,Q12: common mode control loop (CMCL)
Q13,Q14: VAS enhancement and CMCL
Q15...Q19: VAS
Q16,Q17: cascode
D3...D8: clamps and/or threshold
R31,R32: current limiter (10mA)
C5: Miller compensation
C9,C10,R28,R29: primary TMC
C3,C4,R20: secondary TMC
C3,C4 also provide frequency compensation for the CMCL
C7,C8,R35,R36: additional compensation to increase the
phase margin of the Miller loop (PM=95dgr. @ 10.7MHZ).
R37...R40: bootstrapped current sources for the VAS buffer.
R41...R44, D3...D6: bootstrapped threshold for the voltage clamp.
X3: bias generator for the OPS input stage (1.24V)