Q19,Q23,Q25,Q27,Q29: 2N5401 or equivalent
Q20,Q24,Q26,Q28,Q32: 2N5551 or equivalent
Q30: 2SC2911
Q31: 2SA1209
Q33: 2SA1209 or 2SA1407 (preferable 2 pcs.)
Q36: 2SC2911 or 2SC3601  (preferable 2 pcs.)
Q34,Q35: any medium power type Vcemax > 100V, Icmax > 250mA
Q37,Q38: any medium power type Vcemax > 30V, Icmax > 250mA
Q39,Q40: for more power, use multiple (matched) devices and source ballast resistors
D11,D12: 1N4148
D13,D14: 1SS244 (Rohm) or equivalent ( VRmax>120V, Idmax >100mA)
D15...D22: 1N4001 or so
D27 part of opto-coupler (LED) to signal current clipping.
R51,R52: 1W
R55,R56: 1/3W

Short explanation:

Q19,Q20: VAS buffer
D11, D12: current limiter.
Q1, Q4: current sources.
R45...R48: bootstraps.
Q24,Q25: CFB input stage.
Q27,Q28,D13,D14: voltage clamp
Q23,Q26,Q29...Q32: common mode control loop (CMCL) and bias generator
Q30,Q31 bias generator, mounted on heat-sink.
Q33,Q34: VAS
Q34,Q35,D17...D20: current limiter to protect the VAS
Q37,Q38,D21,D22: output protection
D23...D26: gate protection
C12,C13: Miller compensation
C14,C15,R65,R66: TMC
R57...R60: prevent completely turn off of VAS current during clipping
P2: compensation of even harmonics, induced by one of the supply lines (Vcc1 or Vee1)